This page will contain various biographies and statistics of the characters that inhabit the Dawn of Defiance galaxy.

The Heroes

  • Jared Jerrick, Naboo Palace Guard- now Mercenary/Fugitive: Human, and rather subtle.
  • Rasbinga, a Dug whose dream is to become a galaxy-renowned pod racer.
  • Lila Vos, a Human from Kiffex who is in trouble with the law for being too good at parting people from their credits.

Their Allies

Sirona O'Keefe, captain of The Banshee. Her co-pilot, Crash.
Bail Organa, their patron and employer.
Captain Adrian Verana, head of the forces on the Resurgance.
Vazus Mandrake, a former mercenary, turned kybuck-raiser on Felucia.

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