Jared Jerrick

Biographical Details


  • Name: Jared Jerrick
  • Nickname: Jerry (short form of Surname, used as the codename while working for the Palace Guard)
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Ex-Naboo Palace Guard- Sharpshooter
  • Social class: Soldier
  • Age: 23
  • Race: Human

Statistical Information

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Physical Appearance:

Jared now has long red hair, as well as a well cultivated goatee, since he has been on the run for three months since the destruction and conquering of the palace of Naboo at the hands of Lord Vader’s hand. He is roughly 6 foot tall and thin, but well built. He carries himself respectfully. Currently dressed in black, non-descript black combat fatigues, which he managed to buy off a off-world merchant on his way from Naboo, he carries a small backpack with a couple large compartments. In general he is well dressed and is both athletic and agile.


Jared has been raised from a small boy in the tradition of loyalty and steadfast devotion. He remains slightly distrusting of strangers, but is warm and outward going towards everyone, he lives quite spartanly, and believes in discipline. He is quite familiar with the idea of the Jedi order and the now deceased Galactic Republic, to which he still remains fiercely devoted to, as well as the Naboo palace and its ideals. He is skilled in the arts of subtle takedowns and was for a while part of the section of the elite guards who specialised in long ranged attacks and combat. In his spare time, he trains hard. His father taught him almost everything he knew and he was raised by his mother until 12, when he was enlisted in the Palace Guard training program. He has also been known to dedicate himself to a worthwhile noble cause.


His father was Jaris Jerrick, famous for helping Queen Amidala and the Jedi take back Naboo from the Trade Federation, from there he was re-assigned to Senator Amidala’s personal guard, when the events of the liberation ended, he found a nice farmer girl Emily Stearnheart, and had three children. Jared was the eldest, Jorrick, the second eldest and Jonnick the youngest. When Jared was old enough, his father took great interest in training him, he devoted most of his time teaching Jared the meaning and purpose of the way the kingdom of Naboo worked. He started working with rifles and basic melee weapons, and found that he much preferred rifles over hand to hand weapons. Once his father had left to Coruscant, because of the heightened tensions of the growing threat of the separatists, Jared went to capital to become a Palace Guard. There he enrolled in the academy and worked hard, and became quite a good soldier. He was assigned to the basic palace guard and up until the events of the destruction of the Seperatists, and the events of the last days of the republic remained close to the queen. Eventually, when the Empire got tired of the constant badgering from the people of Naboo, Vader’s army invaded. During this conflict, Jared remained devoted to the protection of the queen and was quite valiant in the main parts of the defence of the capital. On the orders of his commander, he escaped with the last guards, and reluctantly abandoned his post at palace. He found his way to the planet of Brentaal where he kept a very low profile, hiding from the empire and looking for any kind of resistance movements.


  • Jerrick: Father (presumed dead)
  • Emily: Mother (Presumed dead)
  • Jorrick: Brother (missing)
  • Jonnick: Brother ( missing)
  • Queen Apailana: Employer (presumed dead)
  • Commander Jendar ( Captured, presumed dead)
  • Squad: (dead)

Current equipment:

  • Combat Jumpsuit
  • Blaster carbine: retractable stock
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