Lila Vos

Vos' Personal Logs can be found here: Vos' Logs

Biographical Details


  • Full name of Character: Lila-Adendalara Vos
  • Nickname: Vos
  • Reason for nickname: Shortening for confidentiality's sake
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Con artist
  • Social class: Low
  • Age: 19
  • Race: Human (Kiffar)
  • Planet of Origin: Kiffex

Statistical Information

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Physical Appearance:

Vos is about 5'6 tall and weighs about 45kgs due to slight malnutrition. She is small and slight which helps her to escape when her con goes wrong. She has a petite but busty figure that she cultivates as it helps when she is trying to win over a mark. Her height makes her tall for the average but not tall enough to seem imposing. She has an oval face that acquires dimples when she smiles, much to her irritation.

Her eyes are an amber brown and her raven-black hair is in dreadlocks to her waist, they are her trademark feature. She has small, quick hands that can pocket items in a flash and pair of legs that more than a few women would kill to have. Since she 'liberated' it, she is never seen in anything but her combat jumpsuit. After moving to a different city, she purchased a licence for it after convincing an official that she had lost the previous one. Her blaster pistol is hidden in a holster at her ankle and the only open weapon she carries is her collapsable quarterstaff strapped to her thigh


Vos is a loud and vivacious daredevil who while appearing extroverted is in fact afraid of everyone she meets. She has never really had any true friends because everyone she has ever formed a relationship with has either abandoned her or sold her out to the authorities. She is terrified of anyone with a gun near them although she has learned to hide her fear well. She is afraid that they will either use it to overpower her or hand her over to the Empire whom she is most afraid of. To deal with her fears during interactions, she has manifested a flirtatious and slightly over-the-top personality which is the face everyone sees.

Although she trusts no one really, she does like people and likes to be in places where people are be it a club, a transport or just a general meeting area. A second benefit to this is that these places are handy places to scout out marks. She does not generally enjoy taking money or items from people but she sees it as her only way to survive and has become rather good at it. She has a pet bird at her haunt and loves it dearly. It is a recent addition that she tamed in a sense but otherwise is left to its own devices when she is not at her usual haunt in an abandoned building.

Although she spends most of her time stealing from people, she does have a heart of gold in the sense that she understands the hardships others in her situation but with less skills face. She is in no way shy to share with others what good fortune she manages to come by. Part of this is pity, part of this is friendship and the like of people but most of it is hoping that should she have bad luck, they might do the same. Here's to hoping…


BBY38: Vos was born on Kiffex shortly before the coup led by her aunt and the subsequent death of her parents. Because Vos and Quinlin were the only heirs to the throne they were both moved off planet, Vos to Coruscant as it was a large city with ties to the old royal family and this was also the other home of those who spirited her away.

BBY37: She was taken by a cousin of her father still loyal to the old royal line and his wife. They had another home on Coruscant and took her there to raise her as their own daughter but also as the heir to the Kiffex throne. They begin to raise her in true Kiffar fashion as they begin to dread her hair and she is given her first small tattoo on the back of her neck.

BBY35: She begins to learn about the Kiffar, who they are, their ways and customs and the beginning of who she is to them. She remembers from this that she is Kiffar and that dreadlocks and tattoos are part of their culture but remembers very little past this. She is sad that she doesn't know more but has had more to think about since these lessons that the want to learn more is no more than a dream to her.

BBY34: Just after her 4th birthday, she was given a second tattoo between her shoulder blades. This was barely healed when she woke up in the middle of the night to a monster with one shining eye hovering over her bed. She got such a fright that the monster moved back and she dove out of her bedroom window and began to run as fast as she could away from the monster. She ran until she couldn't any more and by the time she stopped, she realised she was in a place she did not recognise. She tried to find her way back but every time, she saw one of those one-eyed monsters and had to run away again. The third time she ran away into an open but dark door and as soon as the monsters ran past, she sat down and began to cry. She heard someone move and the lights went on and she was faced with a room full of strange men and women sleeping on couches, as shocked to see her as she was too see them. She was going to run away again when a man that looked a little like her uncle asked her if she was hungry. She nodded and he asked her to come closer as he told everyone else to back off. He asked her what she was doing all alone and she told him what happened and that she was lost. He told her he didn't know where she lived either but she was welcome to stay with them until her aunt and uncle came to fetch her. They never did.

BBY33: This strange man told her his name was Ben Aluren and he took her on like a daughter or a little sister. At first they wanted her to get rid of her dreadlocks but she refused and showed them she knew how to care of them so she kept them and trimmed any that got longer than her trouser line which is where they hang now. She lived with Ben and his gang and they taught her how to survive on her own in a big world. She also manages to convince them to let her get another tattoo down the middle of her back.

BBY31: As she got a little bit more savvy, the gang noticed her potential for conning people as a small but pretty girl child with a few acting skills. With a little bit of practice, they worked out a number of very successful routines and she became very good at the life of a con artist.

BBY29: Unfortunately, due to their success, the authorities in their quadrant began to notice their gang more as did rival groups that were not doing nearly as well. This problem was compounded by Ben being a slight compulsive gambler whose debts were racking up slowly. The pressure from both the gangs and the authorities eventually became too much and Ben sold Vos out as the mastermind behind all the plans to the authorities who decided that she was to be arrested. His logic was that they would go easy on her due to her age but he didn't know just how much of a gamble that could be. Ben set up a time and place but taught Vos too well as she knew something was up as she made her way there. Just before the authorities arrived she managed to get out and made her way with nothing but the stuff she had on her to a transport heading for Corulag. She stows in the ship until they land where she is almost caught again by the authorities there. She has not seen Ben or any of the gang since.

BBY28: She manages to use all of her talents and knowledge to set herself up on Corulag in a small squat with some income from pickpocketing. She has minor ties to a number of gangs but due to this experience is not willing to trust them enough to join any of them out right. She remains a free agent, paying a gang a fee to be left alone. She gets 2 tattoos, one on each shoulderblade.

BBY26: Due to her success and her ties to a gang but lack of protection from them, she is one evening confronted by a rival gang in a warehouse where they promise that they will make her pay for every cent they have lost to 'her gang'. She tries to hide but is eventually discovered by a man with a large gun and in a moment of panic, manages to throw a crate without touching it as he raises the gun. She manages to get out and moves to another city a few cities away where she feels safe again. She begins to develop this new-found ability to move things but can only move items little bigger than a coin. She realizes the applications of this power during cons and begins to use it for that exact purpose.

BBY24: She begins to become quite success, enough so that the authorities begin to notice her as a minor annoyance and force user but they are not sure enough to launch a fullscale investigation yet. She manages also during a police raid to acquire a combat jumpsuit which she hides away in her squat. She gets another tattoo over the tops of both shoulders and down to the dip between her blooming bustline.

BBY22: She lives on Corulag successfully pulling cons until an off duty officer sees her during a show and recognises her tricks as force use. This changes everything and the authorities put real effort into trying to catch her as a force user. She realises this as she begins to see her face on wanted posters everywhere and decides that it is probably time to move again, this time with a ticket under a false name to the planet Brentaal.

BBY21: She arrives on Brentaal and once again finds a squat to stay, rent free if not as homely as the last. Deciding that she is probably old enough by now to get a legitimate job and she does at a coffee shop equivalent. Realising that this does not always make ends meet, she pulls cons and occasionally tricks for attractive individuals only when short on cash. At this point she also uses her charm and bustline to convince an official that she had lost the licence for her jumpsuit and pays for a new one to be issued.

BBY19: She lives on Brentaal sort of happy until the store she works in gets robbed. She uses her force powers for the first time in a while to open a locked door and one of the robbers notices. She gets away before the authorities arrive but decides as the Jedi were recently named traitors that she would rather not wait to see if the robber told the police about her to save his own skin. Before the authorities get to where she lives, she runs back to the squat, gathers her things and jumpsuit and heads to the ship port as sirens arrive outside her squat. She climbed onto the first cheap ship headed away from her current location but it unfortunately had to stop at Zel Sonn Station for repairs and more fuel. She is currently on Zel Sonn station but is waiting to move somewhere else as soon as possible.


(Mother) ?
(Father) ?
(Brother) Quinlin Vos (canon Jedi she has never met)
(Mentor) Ben Aluren

Miscellaneous Information:

She has manifested mild force sensitivity in the form of being able to move small objects. She uses this talent as part of her cons but also occasionally to escape from places. She tries her best to hide it but occasionally slips up.

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