Biographical Details


  • Name: Rasbinga
  • Species: Dug
  • Gender: Male
  • Planet of Origin: Malastare

Statistical Information

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Rasbinga was born on Malastare, the Dug home world. At the time, Malastare was undergoing a cultural and social revolution as The Dug fully took control of their world after being awarded full control after the clone wars. Despite having fought for the world for centuries, noone really knew what to do once they actually had it.

Heroes of the Dug people were still all too few, and like most, the young Rasbinga idolised the Podracing champions. He followed them all his life, learning the trade and trying to get someone to sponsor him as a driver.

Convinced that the cultural revolution was holding back the progress of the glorious sport, young Raspin got passage to Esseles, a near-core world that nevertheless held pod championships. There, surely, there were people who would recognise his ability and put him in a race. He was disappointed though, as Esseles was awash with culture and artists. Podracing was there, but it was almost elitist.

He still managed to get into racing, though, scraping his way into the swoop circuits. He was good, winning his fair share of races, and put everything into buying parts for a pod of his own. The Declaration of the New Order and its fallout smashed that dream, though, making podracing illegal, which was instantly followed on the civil world of Esseles.

Dejected, Rasbin tried to content himself with swoop races. But the Empire stopped that for him too- as the deportations of non-humans started in earnest across the core worlds, he decided enough was enough, and cut his losses. He had to sell his swoop, but managed to get passage offworld to some old station, before he decided what to do next. He had started to learn a new trade, smuggling, as new laws began to come into place on Esseles, but he wasn't sure who he could sell that skill to out here.

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