The State of the Galaxy

(19 BBY- 18 BBY)

It's been a few months since the day that Palpatine declared his new order, legalising the extermination of the Jedi and establishing the Galactic Empire, with himself as the new Emperor.

The holonet showed his public address across the galaxy, his withered and twisted face shown proudly as his badge of honour for surviving the vicious Jedi attack. The Emperor declared the war against the Separatists over, and wanted to build up the galaxy's martial forces so that no war of that magnitude would happen again. Citizens and military personnel across the galaxy, hardened by the years of the Clone Wars, agreed with the stance that a strong force was needed in order to keep the peace. Palpatine promised relief from the bureaucratic tangles and petty favours of the old republic, creating new regional governors who would personally see to the needs of their region, to stomp out any corruption before it achieved a foothold.

Palpatine called for a single, unified front- the Empire would be a champion of "safety, security, justice and peace", a chant that rang throughout space on that day. Its citizens were called upon to join the ranks of the Imperial Navy, to maintain the new haven for every sentient who wished to belong. Imperial citizens would travel across the galaxy, bringing with them the message of safety and security to all, and they would create monuments to the strength of their renewed hope. They would no longer be dictated to by archaic, religious orders- every citizen could choose their own path in life. They would remember the sacrifices of the clonetroopers (now proudly Imperial Stormtroopers), many who had died to protect the integrity of the Empire and its people.

This day- the day when the Declaration of a New Order was broadcast- is already being called Empire Day, even though just over a year has passed. Since that day, you have become a citizen of the Galactic Empire.


Declaration of a New Order
Imperial Period

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