The Traitor's Gambit, Session 1

Sel Zonn Station- just another stop on the way across the galaxy. For three spacers, however, Sel Zonn was their ticket to adventure.

When Lila Vos arrived on the station, she was led to believe that her transport had been impounded due to some type of administrative error. To pass the time and have a safe place to stay that was under the radar, she accepted an offer from a friendly human girl, Maya, to work for her. Lila, along with another human, Jared Jerrick, and a dug, Rasbinga, slept in a disused warehouse during the nightcycle and cleaned droid parts during the daycycle. Maya's offer kept them safe from the watchful eye of the Empire and, when news came of the transport company going under, let them have a reason to remain on the station and get their bearings. After a few days, there was talk about moving on from Sel Zonn. The group met in Gundark's Cantina, a loud establishment that was open late into the nightcycle. After long hours of work, they were happy to have the chance to relax and wait for Maya to join them. Rasbinga noticed that the vidscreens were showing pod-racing, a sport that was illegal under Imperial law, and soon his attention was lost to the fast-moving images.

Jared, however, found company at the bar in the form of an angry Rodian and his drunk human friend. A brawl started, Rasbinga and Lila joining in to back up Jared, and a scarred Zabrak assisted the barflies in causing trouble. The fight was broken up by the sound of blaster fire- Maya came running into the cantina, a blaster bolt catching her in the back, then she crumpled to the floor, calling to her friends for help. Four Imperial Navy Troopers came marching in, blaster carbines drawn, claiming that Maya was under arrest. Jared, Lila and Rasbinga rushed to Maya's aid, dispatching the troopers while the other patrons of the bar fled for the exit or attempted to hide behind the furnishings. When the smoke from the blaster fire cleared, the four friends were in one piece- though Maya was badly injured. Following her murmured instructions, they made their way to a secure room. Maya had some explaining to do.

The woman explained that she was an undercover agent working for the Alderaanian Security Force, and had been planted on the station to fetch a vital piece of cargo. However, due to the suspicions of the Imperial troops, she had been unable to retrieve it from the information broker who was storing it for her organisation. Maya pleaded with the three spacers, asking them to meet with Switch, the information broker, in her place. After quizzing her for details, the trio agreed and made their way to the V14 Storage Bay to meet with Switch. Jared checked the terminals on the route to determine what the storage bay would be like, as well as making sure they were on the correct path. After winding through derelict corridors, the group came upon a pair of Gamorreans that were guarding a door. Lila used her way with words, and some flirtation, and they were soon past the guards with no problem.

Inside the storage bay was an administrative droid, Switch, and his guards. He seemed pleased to see the group, and displayed an uncanny knack of knowing information- perhaps not all that surprising due to his occupation. When the group could not meet his credit price for information on releasing the cargo, they agreed to work as information gatherers for him on their travels. They also agreed to assist him by transporting a crate of Corellian Ale to Alderaan for 500 credits. Switch answered most of their questions about the cargo, revealing that it was, in fact, a Alderaanian Security agent that had frozen himself in carbonite to avoid being detained by the Imperial security while in transit or aboard the station. When asked how the cargo was to go to Alderaan, Lila reminded the group that Maya had mentioned a pilot who was working with Alderaanian Security and would no doubt grant them passage.

With their business with Switch concluded, the trio were about to leave when there were, once again, the sounds of blaster fire from outside, as well as squeals of pain. The doors opened to reveal a very large, wrinkled Chevin and a bunch of thugs. The Chevin, named Ganga Lor, threatened Switch for "making deals behind his back", and opened fire. With the help of the trio, Switch's thugs managed to dispatch Ganga Lor's minions, while Jared took down the Chevin himself. Switch was incredibly grateful for their assistance, and offered his information services free of charge.

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