The Traitor's Gambit: Session 2

Brief Synopsis:

The party flew to Alderaan, where they met Bail Organa himself. He paid them for their help and offered them another job, to rescue Gilder Varth, a former Imperial Admiral, from a secret prison on the jungle world of Felucia. He also offered to clear Lila's record of any suspicious notes, and alter Jared's identity records to deceased status. The heroes went to Felucia, and suffered the perils of the jungle- Jared stepping into acid and Rasbinga getting hoisted up into a trap. They encountered the native Felucians, who (while hostile to the Empire troops in the area) were friendly to them, as well as Vazus Mandrake, a rather wild ex-mercenary turned kybuck breeder. Mandrake took them back to the Felucian village, where Lila bonded with the Felucian chief, Rasbinga was briefed about possibly putting explosives into the prison, and Jared worked to stabilise mysteriously ill Felucian children.

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