The Traitor's Gambit: Session 3

Brief Synopsis:

The heroes went on a mad kybuck ride to catch up with an Imperial Scout Trooper, successfully stopping him from reporting the location of the village to his superiors. They then went to the prison facility, finding a way in through a waste chute (their Felucian guide opening the forcefield by using his grasp on the force). They stormed the base, destroying mutated, tortured (and now mindless) Felucians, planting explosives in the communications centre and rescuing Varth, as well as other political prisoners. The other prisoners died in the escape attempt, but the heroes and Varth managed to shut down the roof turret so that the Banshee could pick them up safely. Captain O'Keefe flew the party to a freighter, the Resurgence, where they delivered Varth into the hands of Captain Adrian Verana, the captain of the Resurgence.

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