Felucian Villiage

We were on the yacht-ship named The Banshee for about a week as we all healed and were introduced to the pilot, Miss Seronia oKeef and her co-pilot droid affectionately named Crash. They told us we could partake of any luxuries aboard the ship and that we were headed for Alderaan. It was during this time that I began to 'bond' with Jared who, I'll be honest, scares the living crap out of me for a number of reasons. Reason 1: He is a he, a large and imposing he. Reason 2: He is a soldier by trade and wields large weapons very efficiently. Reason 3: He blackmailed me into wear a bathing costume and sitting in a hot-tub for the first time. Only redeeming feature: Did not hate my tattoos on sight. Still unsure about the dug

After about a week we arrived on Alderaan and, after making our drop of the Corellian Ale, were led to an exquisite breakfast and told that we were to meet Senator Bail Organa in the flesh which we promptly did. Still not sure if I dreamed that or not. He paid and thanked us for our assistance to Maya, an operative of his and asked us if we were interested in taking another job. He needed people that could not be tied to him directly but who were capable and were seemed to be the perfect combination. A bonus was that he was prepared to make my criminal record evaporate, so I was there without a second thought.

Our new mission was to rescue a former Imperial Admiral named Gilder Varth from a secret prison on the jungle world of Felucia. He had been put there for one reason or another and setting him free would be a large blow to the empire. So after some negotiation and preprepareation, we set off on the Banshee for the godforsaken planet known as Felucia. We were told that we could not land near the prison or the ship would be shot down but we landed about a day's walk from it. The basic 5-step plan was:
Step 1: make your way to the base while avoiding the perils of Felucia;
Step 2: somehow infiltrate the prison facility manned by storm-troopers;
Step 3: discover the whereabouts of the Admiral and release him;
Step 4: somehow disable the gun turret above the prison so it doesn't shoot down the Banshee;
Step 4: hail the Banshee on a planet where comm systems don't work and
Step 5: get off before the soldiers hail reinforcements.
Easy. They promise… This is how it went over every step.

Step 1: We arrived on Felucia in spectacular style when one of the many, many giant mushrooms on the planet exploded near the ship and clogged the engines, forcing a slightly rough landing for all on board but nothing was damaged. After a little initial milling about, we set off in the direction of the prison facility.

After a few initial hiccups life Jarad nearly melting his foot off in a pool of acid we set on our way properly but I kept having the inclining that we were not alone. After Rasbinga managed to get his foot caught in a spring trap designed for a biped, I knew we were not alone. As he cut himself down, I thought I saw a face in the mushroom trees but when I looked again, it was gone.

We continued to walk on and after a few hours managed to spot a storm-trooper scout up ahead. He was leaning nonchalantly up against a tree and we knew he had to have seen us but was not reaching for his weapons. We stood very confused for a few seconds until Rasbinga threw something at the trooper and it collapsed forward with a large spear in its back. It was very very dead. As we stood in confusion, I saw something in the bushes again and this time was sure it was a face. I pointed it out to the others and we all tried our best to show that we were not one of the empire but fighting against it. Rasbinga even took it so far as to bash the body of the trooper a few times to get the point across. The face said nothing but just evaporated into the trees and we continued on our way.

We walked for a little while more until we came to a large lake with stepping stones rising out of it. While we stood around and the boys tried to decide where to go next, I threw a stone into the pond and saw something move as it got splashed. I biped stood up and we all realised that it must be a Felucian from its general appearance. The seemed hostile until we mimed that we meant no harm. The two groups stood facing each other, waiting for the other to make the first move when we heard crashing through the undergrowth and a person on a kybuck arrived on the scene.

He immediately yelled “they mean no harm, the think you are scouts or spies” and then turned to talk to the Felucians with some very odd sounds and hand gestures. After a bit of conversation they lowered their weapons and he turned on the kybuck and introduced himself as Vazus Mandrake, an ex-mercenary from the time of the Clone Wars. He told us there was nothing to worry about and that it was getting dark. He invited us to travel back to the village and deciding that a real bed would be nice and confident in our abilities, we agreed and set off to the Felucian village.

We walked along paths none of us would even have seen and finally arrived at a mushroom village where we were introduced to all the local villagers. We spent some time in the village by the fire and it was awkward at first but we soon settled in. Jarad wandered off to go and investigate some very tragic sounds, Rasbinga was pulled aside by Mandrake to have a chat and I was introduced to the almost telepathic Chief who I spent the evening informing what we were in fact up to. He informed me that some Felucians had gone missing at 'the vanishing place' and if we found them, could we set them free? I told him that we would probably have to go through the entire building so if we found any alive, we would. We spent the night in the village and then set off with a guide in the morning.

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