Vos' Logs: Prison Break

Step 2: The next morning we woke up to the low hum of a swoop-bike that had stopped near enough to see the village. Mandrake begged us to stop the trooper from reporting the village as it would be wiped out and loaned us Rambo, Jimmy and Glock the kybucks for the chase. We took off through the Felucian jungle and finally managed to shoot the trooper off of his bike which promptly crashed much to Sibulb… I mean Rasbinga's horror. After returning and informing the village that they were safe, we took our guide @#$&^ and set off.

We walked for a while over more paths none of us knew were even there until we eventually arrived at the 'vanishing place' a.k.a. prison facility. After noting the plasma cannon at the door and the storm-trooper tea party out front, we decided to see what the back was like. We walked around and managed to skirt all patrols until we arrived at the chutes behind the prison. We noted that the chutes had a force field but a pressure-plate behind that opened when something landed on it. As the boys discussed how to activate the mechanism, @#$&^ tapped on my shoulder and pointed. I noted the pressure-plate descend and realized that he was using the force to push it.

The others saw the field falter and Rasbinga whispered “hey, its broken”. I left the two of them thinking whatever they wanted to and we passed through into what was essentially the garbage chute for the entire facility. We shimmied our way up and into the facility through a chute door with a corridor to the left and to the right.

Step 3: We continued on into the base and checked corridor by corridor until we came to a door marked “med-bay”. We opened the door to be met by an interesting sight. Strapped to the table were two Felucians… at least what used to be Felucians. These were too tall, too ugly, too red and REALLY mad. There was also doctor at a terminal being assisted by a medical droid, all of whom turned around as the door opened.

The doctor saw us immediately released the monster he created who began to attack us. I stood out of the way as Jared unleashed with his blaster carbine and blew away a Felucian. The Dug ran to the other door and laid into the doctor. We managed to defeat everything in the room and Jared ran over to the console and managed to download all the medical data as I inspected the bodies of the mutated Felucians.

After deciding that this was indeed really really gross, we moved onto other doors and managed to find a control room where we thought the prison room might be. We managed to defeat everyone in there as well and managed to pre-record a message to be sent to Seronia oKeef after we managed to disable the gun turret. We also discovered a message that an Inquisitor was about to arrive in about 30- 45 minutes to take the Admiral away with him. Seems we got there in the nick of time.

It was also at this moment that I found out just what Rasbinga and Mandrake had been talking about for so long. Rasbinga unslung a large, timed explosive from his bandoleer, set the timer and hid it in a maintenance shaft under what we assumed was the mainframe. This made the need to find Admiral even more pressing so we quickly moved on to the last door we could see.

Step 4: We arrived at the door and as we opened it met two warden droids and a few guards who were took out after some trouble. We found the prison door and managed to open it with Jared's computer skills and met Admiral Varth for the first time. I didn't know what I was expecting but his comment something along the lines of “I wasn't expecting rabble to rescue me” led my gravely injured and highly pissed off self to say that he was “welcome to stay. Our orders were to spring you IF alive. That is a very easy mandate to fulfil right now”.

He left with us as did some other political prisoners that were there. We all climbed onto the turbo lift and met the mother-load. On this deck there were four storm-troopers, two Felucian mutants and a man with a face that permanently looks like he had an awful idea. We opened fire on everything in sight and one again I have no idea what happened after I felt a blaster carbine blast to the chest.

Step 5: Apparently this step happened because I vaguely remember a rumble under us and a massive blast as consciousness came and went.

After all that I woke up in the Banshee's med-bay once again being healed back to life. Captain oKeef flew us and the Admiral, who seemed to be the only survivor of the battle, to a freighter called The Resurgence. It was here that we met Captain Adrian Verana, a captain I approve of. The man is half the size of a Hutt with twice the commanding power. And he wears a trench coat over his uniform, he earns points for that too.

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