Vos' Logs: Sel Zonn Station

“You know, you ask me how I got here and truthfully, I have no real idea,” she says as she leans back in her armchair and readjusts the staff cradled loosely in her hand. It has been a long time since she used it but the familiar dents and scratches remind her just how well it served her in the past. “I guess I got here through the only one thing I could never understand about my life, my staggering ability to get myself into trouble…”

S1: “It all began when we arrived on Sel Zonn station, in orbit around Brentaal. I was worried that the heat on Brentaal was getting a bit much and it was time to move on again. I bought a ticket under a real name for once and they told us that our ship had to stop for fuel on the station but we would be off again really soon. I stepped off the ship onto the station and, after looking around for a bit, was found by girl who introduced herself as Maya. I didn't know what to make of her at first but decided to be polite as I was supposed to be leaving on the next shuttle out. That was until I found out that our ship had been impounded for carrying smuggled items.

This put me in a very awkward position because I only had enough money on me to stay in a room for one or two days and that alone would stretch my budget. It was at this moment that I met up with Maya again. She told me that there were Imperial Guard on board looking for anyone suspicious and that they had me flagged as one of the passengers likely to be the smuggler. Figures that the only time I don't do something wrong, I get flagged. She also told me not to worry, she had a place I could stay that was really cheap. All I have to do is work for her and she would give me a place to stay for a few days. Sounded like a good deal, I didn't have to have awkward conversation with soldiers, got to stay for free and on the upside, Maya wasn't half bad as a person to be around.

It was here that I met an ex-soldier from Naboo named Jared Jerric and a Dug named Rasbinga. They were also trying to stay off the radar and had taken her offer to polish droid parts in exchange for a place off the books. We had some light conversation between us and even went drinking together at the station bar. It was at this particular bar that everything began to unravel fast. We were drinking and watching a few pod races on the holo-screen when Jared got into a fight with a human, a Zabrak and a Rodian. Their drunken logic must have not liked his drunken face or something and a punch up began. We left him to his fun until one pulled a knife and shanked Jared in the side, that was when things got real and I got involved. I don't know why I did but I suppose better the devil you know.

Anyway, I got involved trying to break up the fight and it was starting to get under control when gunfire issued from outside the door to the bar. Everyone inside began to yell and panic. I looked to the door and saw Maya holding her side as blood trickled down her jumpsuit. She managed to yell over the din that she needed help and began to press forward against the crowd who were trying desperately to either hide or get out. Many chose hide as Maya was followed in by six Imperial Navy officers with Blaster carbines trying to calm the crowd as arrest Maya at the same time. Genius doing that with a blaster in hand but that was beside the point.

Maya made her way toward us and in his moment of genius, Jared pulled out his own blaster and fired. Oh crap… A fire fight ensued and I thought we were done for but the force seemed to be on our side. The officers were not used to the recoil on their rifles and could not hold them level as they fired, taking out most of the lights and leaving scorch marks on the back wall of the bar. We managed to incapacitate all of the officers and relieved two of them of their batons, the Dug stealing every power-cell in sight, why? I tried really hard not to think about it.

Maya told us she had a safe place for everyone to stay because a number of people including a number of Imperial informants had seen what we had just done and were probably scrambling to tell the Empire everything they knew or could make up about us. Maya told us she was an Alderanian spy on a mission to collect a package for their group. She asked us to collect it as she was too injured with the promise that if we succeeded, we were off this miserable hunk of junk. We agreed to the terms.

She told us we needed to go to an old part of the station and meet with a middleman called Switch. He would have the package and while we were gone, she would arrange for the escape. I was a little hesitant but I agreed for the pure reason that if I was still on this ship in 24 hours time, the chances were that I was going to prison. This was not a pleasant prospect for a 19 year old human female so we began the trek into the depth of Sel Zonn station.

We walked through parts of the station that were apparently “under repairs” although I couldn't really tell if it was worse or better off with the exposed wiring hanging form the ceiling and pools of coolant dripping to the floor from ruptured and rusted pipes. There were also sections of floor panelling missing as we approached the door to Switch's bay. As we approached, we saw that the door was being guarded by two Gamorrean. Deciding that the direct approach is occasionally the best one, I wandered up to them and told them we had an appointment with a man about a box. They nodded and let us pass. That was how we met Switch.

Walking through the door, we were met with an odd sight. There was a droid sitting at an ornate office desk with a small service droid next to him, a Twi'lek scowling from behind and various strong-arms milling about. Switch, we learned, is a droid with a lot of quirks. Quirk 1: He is a 3d-4 administrative droid probably administrating way more than he should be, Quirk 2: He is a mob boss and information broker and Quirk 3: He has a Twi'lek named Jak for a bodyguard. We met him and he invited us to sit and have a drink, we accepted. We told him what our business was and he replied that he did not in fact have the cargo, Miss Maya was mistaken, but he did know where it was. He was even willing to reveal its location, for a small fee. This was news to us as we did not have nearly enough money between us to pay the fee.

Realising this from our silence, he offered a bargain. He would be willing to lower his price for the information provided we did something for him. A case of Corellian Ale that needed to make its way to Alderaan had been seized by the Imperial Navy and taken to The Blue Deck of the station, the Imperial Deck. If we agreed to 'liberate' this case and deliver it, and send him any interesting information we happened to find out, he would lower his price. We agreed and then found that we still barely had the money to cover the price for the information. It was at this point that the Force was on our side again as we heard more gunfire outside the door. (I began to see a correlation between the Force and gunfire, I hoped the trend did not stick)

The gunfire outside ceased as the door exploded inwards and a group of hooligans piled in, led by a Chevin named Ganga Lor. He was apparently very upset that Switch had not invited him to the little tea party we were having and ordered his goons to tear the place apart. Another fire-fight ensued. I don't know much as to what happened during this fight as I took to hiding behind a cargo crate for the most of it, it seemed the survivor option. I did hear a lot of blaster fire though and the crash as I watched Ganga Lor hit the deck, bleeding heavily. As soon as he was down, his remaining goons surrendered. Thankful for our help in dispatching a rival crime boss, Switch agreed to sway his information fee and even gave us a few med-packs. He told us we were looking for a slab of carbonite on the Blue Deck that had an Alderanian operative inside of it. He had had himself sealed inside so he would not be discovered and arrested by the Empire.

We knew that the Blue Deck was almost exclusively human only and that Dugs were rarely seen off of their home world, Malastare, we decided that it would be easier if Rasbinga hid in a crate. This was so we could keep him close by for backup and a quick escape and so that we had an excuse to enter the cargo bay. Rasbinga hid in the crate and we covered him in packing material just in case and began the journey to the Blue Deck. As we arrived there we marvelled at the bizaro world clean and shiny ship deck we had stepped onto and began to make our way, me pushing the box and Jared with his hand on his gun. As we walked I noted a someone who I had seen before in the bar, just before the Imperial fire-fight had broken out. He was a nervous looking human wearing an informant's armband and as soon as he saw me looking at him, he took off running. I decided to follow him cautiously into a turbolift but as soon as he saw me coming, he took off out of it down a corridor. Deciding that I needed to be elsewhere, I left him and joined up with Jared and Rasbinga outside the door to the Blue Deck cargo bay.

We were asked what our business was and I convinced a guard to let us in under the deception that our paperwork had already been delivered. We walked inside and it was only at this moment that we realised that we had no idea where to look and even what we were looking for. Almost immediately we were stopped by an Imperial crew member who demanded paperwork of us, to whom I immediately lied that our paperwork had already been delivered. I also lied that all we were told was that the box was meant to be stored with the other seized cargo from earlier that week off a FreeBird transport. The officer believed the first lie but not the second and, as a transporter sled drifted out of one of the storage rooms with a large carbonite slab on it, he proceeded to inspect the cargo box only to receive a blaster to the face for his troubles.

Yet another fire-fight ensued and I really have no idea what happened during this one much after the blaster to the officer's face. All I remember was turning around and being hit twice in the chest by blasters. After that, everything went dark. The next thing I knew, I woke up in the med-bay of a luxury yacht ship with Maya next to me also being healed and being thoroughly confused as to how we got there.

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